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Learning to make your own guitar  can be both satisfying and rewarding. Besides having a fun-filled and well-spent time, you may graduate towards being an accomplished luthier in the future!

Make your own guitar in 2 weeks!


Jeffrey's experiences as a dedicated and creative guitar maker since 1985, coupled with his understanding of guitar playing and teaching from his early years in 1975, will prove to be a deep well of wisdom that will be able to help you achieve your dream of being luthier.  Jeffrey has established himself to be among the world's best in this profession as proven by the many awards, recognition and achievements he has won throughout his career.

Teaching is a serious commitment. I fully understand the responsibility in passing on my skills and knowledge to someone who's willing to invest his time and money. My view on students' learning is greatly related to the teacher's ability and knowledge. Students are likely to benefit abundantly when their teachers have mastery in knowledge and ability. With more than two decades of instruments building, I have designed this course with putting the students' learning as priority and also completing a good guitar starting from tonewoods selection to the finishing the guitar. Invariably, students will also learn the necessary theories, science and traditions that relate to guitar making. While some crafts skills are helpful, students in my course are not compelled to equip themselves with these skills prior to attending this course. It is more essential to bring the right attitude to learn. Liken to a kid who attempts his maiden bicycle ride, the joy of riding the first 100 meter without falling is unforgettably elating. Students are offered the options of building acoustic guitar, classical guitar, electric guitar or bass guitar.

Students will be exposed to a blend of traditional and modern approaches in making guitars. The duration for the course is only 2 weeks. After running numerous numbers of this course, no student has left my workshop without a complete guitar at the end. Suffice to say that this course will not turn you into a luthier but you will find it exceedingly satisfying when you hold the completed guitar in your arms. For those who wish to be a guitar maker, the learning journey will be longer. There is no substitute for time if one wishes to be an affluent exponent of the art of guitar making. Apprenticeship can be arranged by appointment for those who are ready to commit. If you need more personal information please email me to

Jeffrey Yong is a master luthier, and this means that he is not only able to build fine instruments, but has a profound knowledge of every aspect of his craft. He is constantly innovating and discovering new pathways to explore. Studying with him is not just about building a guitar, but about beginning to understand what it truly means to be an artist.


Prof Dr Barnaby Ralph Tokyo University


I completed the course with a beautiful guitar that is a pleasure to play and my students do not want to put it down.

Bob Martin - South Australia


"Making a guitar was always on my 'bucket list', and I ended up coming away with so more than just a guitar. I already teach woodwork in a school, but Jeffrey's methods of guitar making were often unique and simpler than those used elsewhere. Our mantra became 'Why spend $200 to do a $20 job?'

Richard Sykes  United Kingdom

Designer / Musician 

This course was so impressive and inspiring.
I got to know guitar building methods and techniques some of them far away from the traditional ones. Jeff guided me step by step with helping hands and answered all my questions with patience.
His humor and hospitality impressed me every day and enabled me to get a special view not only on lutherie but also on land and culture.

Robert Schnoller 

If a kid like me could do it I'm sure anyone else can

James Loo 16

​"From his extensive knowledge of indigenous Malaysians hardwoods, to his continued innovation in all aspects of lutherie, Jeffrey Yong is a master of blending the art of instrument crafting with his passion for faith and his homeland. His guitar building course was foundational in my life not just in what I learned about instruments, but also in further development of my desire to travel the world. I would highly recommend his course to anyone who has a passion for stringed instruments, amazing food, or inspired culture. Thank you Jeff for a defining moment in my life's journey."


                                                                                                                                                                  Joe Theriault​  

                                                                                                                                                                Luthier  Canada



My name is Enda Flatley, I travelled to Malaysia from Ireland to study guitar making under the guidance of luthier, CH Jeffrey Yong. I completed three instruments in two months of intensive training. The training I received was second to none, each day was filled with methodical design, careful craftsmanship and an abundance trade secrets were imparted on me along the way.
Outside of the workshop I was overwhelmed with Jeffrey's generosity and warm and friendly attitude to me. I would highly recommend Jeffrey to anyone serious about learning the trade or anyone in the market for a beautiful instrument. His guitars stand up beside any well known American luthier made guitars I've tried.

"Making my own guitar had been a dream of mine for a long time. I never thought it would ever be possible until I was introduced to Jeff who made my dream come true! Spending two weeks making my own guitar in Kuala Lumpur is probably the best thing I ever achieved in my own life. I have learnt so much about wood, acoustic, patience... But just making such a beautiful instrument with my own hands from scratch using rare Malaysian wood was a priceless experience! This guitar is now the most valuable object I own! Thank you Jeffrey!"

Laurent Boutonne


I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of Jeffrey with his 20 over years of guitar making experience and knowledge who has helped me to construct my good sounding guitars that I dream of.

I learned so much from listening to Jeffrey on how important to make a guitar jigs and molds before construction of guitar taking into place. Selection of the very best tonewood is where the joy in building each guitar in Jeffrey's workshop. I have gained invaluable experience of making my guitars from flattop acoustic guitars, harpguitar, Ukulele to an archtop guitar. I'm going to start building my 7th guitar soon!!!


                                                                                                                                                                              B K Ooi


I truly enjoy master luthier Jeffrey Yong guitar making course . At the end of the course , not only i went home with my great sounding and beautiful guitar, it packs with wonderful experience working with a world class luthier. I learn soooooo much from this course and now i have used what i have learn in making ukulele. Thank you so much Jeffrey , thanks for your guidance after the course.

Lee Sheng Wah MBA  

Author , international speaker.

Lots of fun and excitement everyday every moment seeing the progress from raw wood to a finished good quality guitar

The workshop is where we focus our efforts in crafting your inspired creation. With every baby step, the guitar begins to take shape. With every set back, you gained an important lesson. The many steps you have taken to put all the parts together will gradually make sense. A sense of pride grows as you witness your guitar grows. The many jigs and fixtures I have designed will simplify many arduous processes and yet ensuring quality in your built. My workshop is fitted with suitable machineries that will give speed and consistency to your building process. Eventually, a guitar emerges from all the parts and your effort. It will be beyond elation.

Here again, I want to thanks those that have selflessly shared their ideas and creativity in the methods and jigs that we can fabricate and used in our workshop. I hope some of my ideas and methods can inspire other emerging luthiers and luthiers to augment their craftsmanship and work.

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